5 Thai Provinces to Travel at the End of 2020

“Marketers shouldn’t miss this one” to approach target group of domestic tourists who plan to travel some up-countries in the rest of this year.

Bright Sky Media presents 5 amazing destinations, which are popular Thai provinces and can be used as tools to communicate with the target group.

1. Chiang Mai

Mae Kham Pong

Let’s start with the first attractive province “Chiang Mai”, which is one of the best travel attractions to enjoy with refreshing cool breeze. Prediction of Ministry of Tourism and Sports presents the number of tourists who intent traveling to Chiang Mai will become the highest in Northern Thailand. However, the interesting travel attractions for this year following as “Mae Kampong”, a beautiful village surrounded by the natural hill where the tourists can be travel and learn local people’s way of life under fresh cool weather and many gorgeous views. Another one is “Kew Mae Pan”, an important viewpoint of Doi Inthanon National Park, especially during dawn of the morning among beautiful sea of fog.

2. Nan

Bantailue Cafe

Continue with another popular province in Northern Thailand “Nan”, which started becoming to be a wonderful choice for tourists in recent years. It is known that Nan is a very unique province which presents way of “slow life”. In the other ways, it provides various beautiful places to take some pictures for showing to your friends such as Ban-Tai-Lue Café, to walk and to see beautiful view of rice field on the wooden bridge decorated with Dahlia fabric. It can be said that Ban Tai Lue Café is an important check-in point of Pua district, Nan. Another place where you shouldn’t miss is Wat Phumin or Phumin temple which has got a famous portrait “Pu Man and Ya Man”, which is a great symbol of province for a long time.

3. Udon Thani

Pa Phu Kon Temple

Now we are landing at a huge province in Northeastern Thailand “Udon Thani”, an Emerging City which has many amazing travel attractions waiting you to visit. This province also be considered to be a highly popular place where tourists like to visit widely. Let’s see the first important place “Red Lotus Lake”, which we can see plenty of red lotus blooming fully in Nong Harn Lake, becoming a large beautiful field of pink lotus. Another popular travel attraction in this province is “Wat Pa Phu Kon”, a temple with unique architecture and Tiffany blue roof that makes it merges into the beautiful sky at night. It is surrounding by natural view of Na Yung-Nam Som National Park.

4. Nakhon Si Thammarat

Kiri Wong Village

Now move to Southern Thailand, “Nakhon Si Thammarat”. The province which has got not only various travel attraction such as temples, mountains, forests, waterfalls, and sea, but also has the best air in Thailand. These make tourists entire the country come to this place. One of the excellent places to visit is Wat Chedi which has Ai Khai, a sacred statue to pay homage. And the another one is Kiri Wong Village, a famous village with the great-fresh air guaranteed by Pollution Control Department.

5. Songkhla

The other important province of Thailand is Songkhla. Statistic from Ministry of Tourism and Sports predicts that the number of tourists who travel in Songkhla will increase up to the number one in Southern Thailand, overtaking Phuket which always be number one here. Let’s see interesting travel attractions in Songkhla. The great one is Samila Beach, it is a beautiful beach with a mermaid statue sitting on the rocks, called the “Golden Mermaid”. It is considered to be the symbol and landmark of Songkhla. Moreover, this province still has a fantastic ancient city with street art that shows local people’s traditional way of life throughout the city. It draws tourists who love to take pictures to visit here effectively.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Pollution Control Department

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