4 Types of Airport Advertisement by BrightSky Media

Did you know advertisement located in airports in Thailand can be categorized into various types? Some advertisements might look alike but if we consider them closely, they are different.

So, today, we are going to demonstrate the fact, which could help you to help you classify and know more about advertising media located in the airports.

1. Don Mueang Digital Network

Don Mueang Digital Network

Don Mueang Digital Network includes LCD HD monitors located in departure hall of Don Mueang International Airport. They are different in their sizes starting from only 1 monitor to 4 monitors covered all aspects of the pillar. Moreover, there are functions available in this type of media. It is interactive touch screen display contained various features like minigame, tourist information guide, currency exchange rates, and so on.

2. Mobile Charging Network

Mobile Charging Network

Mobile Charging Network also known as “MBC”. They are approximately 2.1 meters tall and around 1.2 meters wide. MBC is digital media as well as Don Mueang Digital Network. However, the different points are that MBC’s monitors are LED HD and they are located in local airports such as Chiang Mai International Airport, Ubon Ratchathani International Airport, and so on. To spot them clearly, there is text “Mobile Charging” sticked on the top of MBC’s frame. In addition, MBC box provides 6 USB ports for mobile charging on each side of the box.

3. Airport Static Media

Airport Static Media

Static Media are often seen in the airports. The unique point of this kind of media is that they are motionless. There are variety of static ads which have different sizes and materials up to their install locations. For more detail, they can be installed both outside and inside of the airports. In some locations where are gloomy, the lights will be installed beside the media for making them more visible.

4. Online Media

Online Media

Online media differs from the previous ones because of their flexibility. It does not have specific placement but It can be shown in audiences’ mobile phones or computers through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Nowadays, online media is very popular in advertising industry. Furthermore, it can be used along with offline media to improve the potential of advertising effectively.

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