4 Types of Airport Static Media

Hello guys! Today, we are going to talk about Airport Static Media, which is very popular not only in airports but also in outdoor media because it is wildly used everywhere.

Therefore, we offer you a content that would help you to understand the Static Media easily with 4 Types of Airport Static Media by BrightSky Media.

1. Lightbox


Let’s start with the first type, the Lightbox. Its name comes from its outstanding appearance which is obviously seen. The sign has their own light came from LED lamp that is installed on the backside of the board which made from transparent Vinyl or Fabric. Both the sign and the lamp will be packed in a box. The advantages of this type are: the bright colors make the media look very beautiful and outstanding. This makes it easy to be noticed by people who traveling through that area. Nowadays, the use of this type of sign is very popular in airports.

2. Banner


The next type is the static media which made from opaque Vinyl or Fabric stretched to the frame.  This type of sign which is installed in the airport. Most of them are large banners located inside the building on the point that can be noticeable, such as the top of the entrance or exit. In addition, in low-lit installations. The light will be shined on the sign so that the badge remains unique.

3. Billboard


The next one is Billboard. We believe that everyone may be
familiar with this type because Billboard is often found on almost main road.
This type of sign uses vinyl sheets stretched onto a steel frame, installed on
the outside of the building. Most of them are extra-large and often installed
lights to illuminate the sign. In term of airport advertising media, the
billboard is not very large and located in the car traffic point.

4. Sticker Wrap

Sticker Wrap

Now, we are on the last type, which is Sticker Wrap. It will be directly attached to the chosen surface. The highlight of this type is “Can be installed in areas where other types of signs cannot be installed”. For example, on the sides of escalators, elevator doors, public transport around columns or points with uneven surfaces. This gives flexibility in choosing areas.

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